David Rutherford

Former U.S. Navy SEAL, Behavioral Training Specialist, Dynamic Motivational Speaker and Corporate Trainer

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Former U.S. Navy SEAL, Behavioral Training Specialist, Dynamic Motivational Speaker and Corporate Trainer

David Rutherford – is an internationally known motivational personality who’s message has reached over 20 million people worldwide with his incredibly unique motivational speaking, writing, coaching, and hosting called Froglogic. Froglogic can be best described as a Navy SEAL Motivational Performance Training company.


Over the past 25 years David has been exploring and researching the human condition in every imaginable environment. David began his exploration as an athlete eventually playing collegiate Lacrosse at Penn State. David then spent 8 years working in the SEAL Community as a student, combat paramedic, operator and instructor. After being honorably discharged David continued to hone his skill sets as an international training specialist and curriculum developer for the private military contracting company known as Blackwater. He eventually graduated to working for the CIA as an instructor for case officers enhancing their behavioral integration with JSOC and regular Special Operations units. Because of his strong commitment to service he was eventually recruited by the Agency as a close protection and security specialist where he deployed for two years into high threat areas.

Motivational Expert

What David Rutherford has learned is nothing short of profound and with his high energy, high impact style of delivery and content, it has allowed him to become one of the most sought out motivational personalities in the US. David now averages over 60 speaking and coaching events a year working with Professional Sports teams like the 2018 World Series Champions Boston Red Sox, and the 2018 collegiate World Series Champions Oregon State Beavers Baseball team. As a team specialist, he’s also spoken to and coached Fortune 500 companies the likes of Merrill Lynch, Revlon, and Johnson Controls. His extensive training background enables teams and individuals to embrace fear, forge self-confidence, live the Team Life, find purpose, and develop a winning culture.


David is also the co-host for one of the fastest growing Podcast at the Westwood One network, whose monthly, digital reach is a quarter of a billion people. He and his cohost, ‘Lone Survivor’ Marcus Luttrell, together with the Team Never Quit Podcast were nominated as one of iTunes “Top Podcast of 2016” in just six months on air. Since then the show has been downloaded over 10 million times averaging over 60 thousand downloads a week. David is also providing valuable motivational content on his YouTube channel with over 10 million views and through his ever-expanding social media influence with over 75 thousand followers.


Notable Clients: Boston Red Sox, Bank of America, Miami Dolphins, Novo Nordisk, BNY Mellon, Oregon State Beavers, Comcast, Johnson Controls, Covidien, UFC Fighters, Pioneer Investments, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, UBS, University of Nebraska, UPenn Football, Penn State Lacrosse, Jackson Memorial Hospital, 7,000 + children across America and Canada, and over 20 million people reached around the world.

Froglogic - Navy SEAL Motivation

How acting, thinking and feeling like a Navy SEAL can help you and your team succeed. After 20 years of exploring the human condition around the world, David has discovered several undeniable truths about how people function under stress and what it takes to overcome adversity and persevere in the face of fear. Based on over 20 years of intense personal experience and in-depth research, David has extrapolated the very best attributes of the Special Operations community and delivers these concepts in a highly energetic, emotional and entertaining way so you and your team can begin operating at the peak of your performance.

Forging Self-Confidence

Life has proven the perpetual need to fortify your personal and professional Self-Confidence if you hope to succeed in the combat of life. Due to the constant war being waged by the Negative Insurgency, individual and team confidence is under constant bombardment. Navy SEALs are some of the most confident human beings on the planet due to their life-changing training regimen and total commitment to each other. David helps audiences explore the psychology of SEAL Training and outlines a clear way for his audience to forge their Self-Confidence during the everyday chaos of life's challenges.

Team Life

The greatest truth life teaches us all is that nobody succeeds alone. Every great individual in history has required a comprehensive commitment toward living a team oriented-lifestyle in order to achieve elite levels of success. Not many teams are greater than the SEAL Teams. The Brotherhood thrives on this elite standard of performance. Forged on the battlefields and in blood, listen as David helps his audiences redefine their personal and professional concepts of what living the Team Life means to them. Additionally, in this powerful talk, David profiles four Navy SEAL Congressional Medal of Honor stories to help illustrate the critical importance of functioning as a team to achieve never before imagined levels of personal and professional success.

Embrace Fear

What is the number one thing that stops you and your team from taking risk and elevating your performance? FEAR. Fear is widely recognized as the primary limiting factor in human success. Due to certain physiological and behavioral realities, Fear can never be defeated. However, Navy SEALs have mastered the ability to operate with it by learning how to embrace their fears in order to utilize it as an explosive factor in their elite operational, training, and lifestyle performance. David spent 15 years personally exploring fear and 1- years researching fear to create this profound speech which helps audiences begin to embrace their fear.

Live With Purpose

One of the most difficult challenges in life is to live with purpose. It's the essence of our intrinsic drive and ability to succeed. Without a purpose, we are lost. In this riveting, emotionally charged Navy SEAL Motivational Training event, David helps audiences to discover their purpose in life. In this powerful talk, he introduces his audiences to 5 Missions designed to help individuals and teams begin living with purpose.

Forging An Elite Team Culture

There are few teams or organizations that have a more focused and elite culture than the Navy SEAL Teams. Defining culture is proving to be one of the most challenging processes of the modern era. Companies, organizations and teams are constantly trying to assess, develop, adapt and implement new cultural definitions that improve individual performance, team identity and increase group cohesion. In this insightful and entertaining talk, David helps companies and teams understand how to build culture based on the principles of elite performances and teams. David explains how the SEAL Teams and other Special Operations Forces develop their culture to achieve incredible victories on the battlefield, as well as deal with tragic losses off the field. He then outlines how your organization can adjust to the modern cultural challenges by exposing your team to his incredible discoveries related to his 20 years of experiencing and building elite team culture.

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