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Emmy-Nominated and Award-Winning TV Correspondent, Former Head of Media Outreach at Google, and Blockchain Expert

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Daniel Sieberg Speaker Biography

Emmy-Nominated and Award-Winning TV Correspondent, Former Head of Media Outreach at Google, and Blockchain Expert

Daniel Sieberg is a former co-founder at a blockchain-based journalism platform where he led eco-system growth and business development. Daniel previously helped as a senior marketing manager at Google overseeing media outreach efforts and an official spokesperson.

News Media

He is also an Emmy-nominated and award-winning TV correspondent/host/author whose work across four continents has appeared on CBS News, CNN, ABC News (Nightline, GMA), MSNBC, BBC News, Bloomberg, Al Jazeera English, NPR, PBS, CNET, the Discovery Channel, Planet Green, Oprah.com, Details,The Dr. Oz Show, The Nate Berkus Show, and countless publications.


His book about a “digital diet” concept explores myriad avenues of how technology is transforming our lives from relationships to business to identity. From swimming with sharks to a live demonstration of the latest gadgets to reporting in zero gravity, Sieberg has always been comfortable within a wide range of situations and beats from business to science to entertainment; telling compelling stories and resonating with an audience are what drive his many pursuits, and having a sense of humor doesn’t hurt either.

Science and Technology

Sieberg was the CBS News science and technology correspondent from December 2006 to February 2010 reporting for the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, The Early Show, CBS Sunday Morning, CBS Radio and CBSNews.com. During that time Sieberg also contributed to a book about the so-called “Craigslist killer” called Seven Days of Rage (Pocket Books). Plus, he co-hosted several CBS-CNET network specials about technology trends, holiday gadget ideas and video games.

ABC News

He now regularly anchors at the online network ABC News Now, which means reading the news and interviewing guests about everything from politics to Hollywood to health/nutrition. Beginning in late summer 2010, Sieberg started hosting a new consumer-based show for ABC News called Tech This Out!, which in April 2011 was awarded an official Webby Honoree distinction. In May 2010, Sieberg reported on the environmental impact of the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico for the inaugural edition of PBS’ newsmagazine show Need to Know, and he is a regular technology contributor to BBC World News America with Matt Frei.


From 2000-2006 he was the technology correspondent for CNN, CNN International, CNN Headline News (now HLN) and edited the CNN.com sci-tech section. He also hostedNext@CNN, a weekly broadcast about science, technology, space and environment and appeared often on shows like American Morning, Anderson Cooper 360 and Paula Zahn Now. Plus Sieberg anchored daily segments for Morning Express with Robin Meade from 2001-2004, produced weekly reports for CNN Radio and spent several weeks covering the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.


Sieberg has been nominated for four News and Documentary Emmy Awards and won accolades from the likes of the Society of Environmental Journalism and the World Technology Awards. In 2007 he was named a Portfolio magazine “Business Broadcasting All-Star” and he is a recipient of Canada’s Rafe Mair Award for public service journalism. His written work has been published by the Huffington Post, Oprah.com, Salon.com, Time magazine, Details magazine, the Vancouver Sun, the Toronto Star, and many other places both online and in print. He is also a recipient of a 2010 Knight Fellowship workshop for science journalism and part of a panel for the 2008 National Academy of Engineering’s Global Challenges Project.

Keynote Speaker

A regular speaker and moderator at such events as the NetMedia conference in London (2001), the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3, 2004) and the Ziff Davis Gaming Summit (2006), Sieberg has attended and reported on the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Comic-Con, Comdex, E3, DEMO, the Webbys, DefCon, and the World Technology Network. His eclectic list of interview subjects includes Bill Gates, Hugh Hefner, Kevin Mitnick, Steve Wozniak, Tony Hawk, Peyton Manning, Curt Schilling, Doug Liman, Kenny G, Paula Abdul and Will Wright.


Sieberg has traveled to nearly 30 countries and reported extensively throughout the U.S./Canada as well as places like Peru, Ethiopia, Taiwan, Japan, the Bahamas and the Arctic. He has a bachelor’s degree (B.F.A.) in writing from the University of Victoria and a master’s degree in journalism (M.J.) with a specialization in technology from the University of British Columbia.

He lives in New York City with his wife and two daughters.

Daniel Sieberg Speaking Topics

Tech Life 2025

What are the developments today that will impact our lives in the near future? Daniel Sieberg, former Google spokesperson and marketing exec and now cofounder at Civil, examines the trends around everything from blockchain and crypto currency to AI to virtual reality and puts it all into context for both a techie crowd as well as the layperson. Sieberg will also explore how the pace of change has increased so dramatically (and why) and what this means for short-term forecasting and projections in any business.

Understanding Blockchain and Cryptocurrency - How it can Benefit Anyone: Blockchain/Crypto/Bitcoin

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, crypto currency, blockchain - these terms are increasingly becoming a part of our global conversation about how we improve communications, security and business models across a wide range of verticals. It’s important for any leader or business owner or just a curious third-party to begin to understand the implications and get ahead of this seemingly unstoppable new technology. Daniel Sieberg, former Google spokesperson and marketing executive and now cofounder of Civil (journalism supported by blockchain), is ready to break it all down in ways people can understand and act upon.

Living Life in a Tech Start Up

One about being a part of a startup/why I left Google - change is often scary, risky and hard and especially when it means pivoting from one career to another or making bold choices as a leader. Human nature can force us to try to cling to what we know in service of retaining order and calm in our otherwise turbulent lives. But sometimes taking that leap can expose us to new strengths within us and actually enhance our well-being and sense of identity (maybe even make us happier). Daniel Sieberg takes us through his personal journey from technology reporter at national news outlets to Google executive to co-founding a cutting-edge startup in the blockchain and crypto currency space. The tips he provides can benefit anyone faced with difficult choices at all levels of their life and the enterprise.

Next-gen Healthcare Trends

From pedometers to smartphone apps to glucose-sensing contact lenses, what’s next for people to personally monitor their own well-being? How can we give people access to their own medical data and make informed decisions? When is knowing too much not helpful? Daniel Sieberg, who spent 20 years reporting on technology for the likes of CNN, ABC, CBS and the BBC and authored The Digital Diet before joining Google four years ago, looks at the technologies available on the market today, how consumers are embracing them and looks ahead to what might be possible. This is a chance to dive into the self-monitoring aspect of healthcare for a thought-provoking presentation on a topic that offers a potentially dramatic shift in medicine.

How is Your Brand Really Being Perceived?

How do you connect with consumers in a way that's authentic amidst a flood of information online? What can any company do to highlight the "why" of their business? Daniel Sieberg, former technology reporter for CBS, CNN and ABC and current exec at Google, examines what it means to really engage with people around a product or idea and how to win hearts/minds in a meaningful way. It's about more than just a plan, it's about turning customers into fans through the right amount of transparency and access to the very DNA of your company. This talk will feature an actionable plan to get started with new implementations in any business.

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The Digital Diet: The 4-step plan to break your tech addiction and regain balance in your life
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