Brigadier General Nick Halley

Decorated General, War Hero and Recognized Expert on Leadership, Terrorism, Change Management and Integrity

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Decorated General, War Hero and Recognized Expert on Leadership, Terrorism, Change Management and Integrity

Brigadier General Nick Halley, U.S. Army Retired, is an internationally recognized expert on leadership, world affairs, and terrorism. He has appeared many times on WGN TV Chicago and on the national Fox News network as a military and terrorists expert. He has commanded over fifteen thousand soldiers in combat in Vietnam, Grenada, Desert Storm in Iraq, and Special Operations missions world-wide. He was the Commanding General of the Artillery and Rocket forces in Desert Storm.

Special Assignments

General Halley had a variety of assignments to include numerous Special Operations assignments, nine years with the famous 82nd Airborne Division, Professor of Mathematics at West Point, and assignments to two U.S. Embassies – Japan and Korea.


He has been awarded two Silver Stars for bravery in combat, four Bronze Stars, two Legions of Merit, and two Purple Hearts for wounds in combat operations.

Following Retirement

Since retirement from the Army, he has had a distinguished career at the Director/Vice President/General Manager level with several prestigious international firms including


He is a graduate of West Point, the Army War College and has a Master’s degree in Nuclear Physics from the University of Virginia.

General Halley’s son graduated from West Point in 2015 and is currently an Airborne-Ranger Platoon Commander in America’s premier military organization – the 82nd Airborne Division. He is currently in Afghanistan

Keynote Speaker

General Halley teaches college courses on Terrorism and World Affairs and is a renowned professional speaker with Corporations and organizations nationwide.


The General is the author of two best-selling books – Leadership Under Fire! And Terrorism-The Target Is You!. A limited number of these books are available in the Ship’s Book Store.

Decorated General, War Hero and Recognized Expert on Leadership, Terrorism, Change Management and Integrity

The Life and Death Struggle For World Order! Radical Islam Fights for World Domination!

This talk provides insiders up-to-date analysis (in non-political terms) of the current war against Radical Islam from the point of view of a soldier who has been there. It covers the goals and strategies of both Radical Islam and the U.S. and provides a current assessment of the situation in the Middle-East to include Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Northern Africa. A specific strategy to counter Radical Islam is presented. Time is reserved for a discussion period.

War Stories and Leadership Lessons From General Nick Halley From the “Cuban Missile Crisis” to Iraq

Serious and humorous War Stories ranging from the Cuban Missile Crisis through both Iraqi wars are presented. Leadership lessons are discussed with examples from General Halley experience with the KKK, North Vietnamese Army, Cuban forces on the Island of Grenada, Iraq Republican Guard, Radical Islamic forces– plus several other world events – are presented.

Understanding Radical Islam - Why They Will Fight Us For the Next 500 Years!

The origins and history of the current war against Radical Islam are outlined by tracing the expansion and goals of the Muslim religion from the birth of Mohammad to present. The talk also provides a short, precise lesson on what every citizen should know about the Muslim religion. This briefing is fascinating and is a very valuable historical adventure that is a must for all citizens who want to fully understand the current conflict with Radical Islam. The goals and strategies of both sides of the current conflict are discussed.

The World in Conflict - Russia Challenges the West – a new “Cold War”? Plus Israel Continues to Fight for Survival

This talk provides an in-depth view of the Geopolitics of Russia and provides an analysis of why Russia is acting in an extremely dangerous and aggressive manner. The recent incursions into Georgia and the Ukraine plus Russia’s recent actions in the Middle East are discussed. The Geopolitics of Israel and the threat from their numerous hostile neighbors are analyzed to include the recent conflicts with Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Palestinians. A specific strategy to counter Russia and deal with the Israeli / Palestinian issue is outlined.

China - Future Enemy? Future Superpower? North Korea – World Nuclear Threat?

This talk provides an in-depth view of China as a nation. The major geopolitical imperatives that drive China’s actions now and in the future are discussed. The current military build-up of the Chinese Armed Forces and their South China Sea provocative activities are outlined. How these military, political, and economic actions will profoundly affect our world is addressed. A suggested “roadmap” of our future China policy is analyzed. The nuclear threat of North Korea is discussed and a recommended course of action is provided.

Current World Conflicts

The Facts and insights You Need to Know about the 9 Deadliest Islamic Terrorists Organizations are discussed. The Differences between the Two Branches of the Muslim Religion - Shiite and Sunni Muslims – are outlined. World Conflicts such as the Iran Nuclear Deal, the fate of the Kurdish People (Kurdistan) and other current world conflicts are discussed. Time is reserved for a question and answer period for all of General Halley’s presentations.

All Brigadier General Nick Halley Books

Leadership Under Fire! From the Battlefield to Corporate America
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Terrorism-The Target Is You! The War Against Radical Islam
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"Brigadier General Nick Halley has made a major and signifcant contribution to our viewers understanding of international terrorism and the Iraqi conflict and how those operations are a part of the overall US Strategy. His insights and knowledge are amazing."

- News Director | WGN-TV Chicago

"Your ability to bridge the gap between military and corporate leadership and take the best lessons learned and leadership principles from both is amazing. Your talk was very inspirational and motivated our leaders to "Take Action Now" to be better leaders in their organizations."

- | Mechanical Contractors Association

"Absolutely great! The most informed, interesting and insightful talk I have ever heard. Captivating presentation given with passion and inside information. Greatly exceeded expectations. It is clear why you were so successful in both your military and corporate careers."

- | AC Nielsen

"You definitely exceeded our expectations and kept us spellbound throughout your presentation! Most outstanding and inspirational talk of the year. Your leadership insights and inside information were a revelation. Rave reviews from all of our members."

- | Construction Financial Management Association

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Recent Books

Leadership Under Fire! From the Battlefield to Corporate America
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Terrorism-The Target Is You! The War Against Radical Islam
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