Bob Hirschfeld

Self-proclaimed "Cybersatirist" performs business "stand-up with a laptop"

In-Person Fee Range
$5,000 to $10,000
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Maryland, United States

"Stand-Up With A Laptop"

"Cybersatirist" Bob Hirschfeld has been lampooning business and technology for over a decade exclusively at conferences with his own brand of "stand-up with a laptop" satire. He works closely with clients to customize and create original humorous content that is always an appropriate, unique experience for savvy, business audiences.

That’s why clients such as Forbes, Microsoft, SAS, Shell, Oracle, AAA, the National Association of Manufacturers and hundreds of others have booked Bob as a keynote or after-dinner speaker.

Bob Hirschfeld’s humor has appeared in Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and USA Today. Bob also made his mark online with a popular humor web site awarded a prestigious Top 100 by PC Magazine. He followed this by establishing himself as a business satirist and was profiled in USA Today and The Wall Street Journal for his success. For several years, he was a contributing writer to Jay Leno for "The Tonight Show." Jay calls Bob "one of the top satirists in the country."

Funny Business: a satirical look at the world of business

Bob finds the laughs in a wide range of business topics including social media, time management, mobile and cloud computing, meetings, Powerpoint, customer service and software upgrades. Audiences readily get the underlying message of finding humor in dealing with stress and adapting to change and technology.

Funny Green Business

Bob is one of the only speakers using humor to convey an "eco-friendly" message on the challenges, opportunities and rewards of green and sustainable policies. His approach is funny, fun and motivational. Bob's creative presentation includes a tongue-in-cheek history of green business and humorous perspectives on lowering your carbon footprint, recycling, increasing energy efficiency, the green office and clean energy. Underlying the humor are motivating strategies for sustainability.

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Your hilarious keynote presentation was the most entertaining and enjoyable session at our event. You definitely caught the attention of the audience and woke them up with laughter in preparation for the rest of conference. We still have attendees thanking us for having you as our keynote speaker.

- Mike Rioux | President, IDEA

Our group of enterpreneurial, tech-savvy individuals saw much of their own fate in Bob's satire and found great relief in laughing with others in what our business world has become

- Christopher Jahn | President, Contract Services Association

It was our intention to close the conference on an upbeat note and you certainly provided that with an entertaining and witty look at what passes for normal in the everyday business world. I would gladly recommend you to anyone considering your talent as a satirist.

- Joseph Schneider | National Association of Home Builders

Bob Hirschfeld was wonderful to work with and delivered a thoroughly engaging keynote that had our audience laughing heartily (at themselves!). Everyone I talked to enjoyed Bob's refreshing humor and thought it was a great change from our usual serious fare.

- Sandra Prescott | The Data Warehousing Institute

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