Bill Herz

One of the Most Entertaining Corporate Magicians in the World

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Bill Herz Speaker Biography

Amazing Corporate Magician

For the last twenty years, Bill Herz has been wowing audiences of all kinds and all sizes around the world. From Fortune 500 companies to lavish private affairs, Bill Herz has decades of experience transforming typical meetings and gatherings that will stay memorable forever.

At an age when most kids were reading comic books, Bill Herz was learning to shuffle a deck of cards with one hand. Today he is regarded as one of the most entertaining corporate magicians in the world.

Bill started Magicorp in 1987 to handle the ever-increasing demand for his performing expertise and special event know-how. Except for taking a little time out to earn a bachelor’s degree from Amherst College and a master’s degree from Cornell University, Bill has spent the past twenty-five years performing at corporate events.

Bill currently performs at over 200 corporate events each year and also teaches executives their own meeting magic. Bill’s unique mix of comedy and magic has been applauded at corporate functions throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe, China, India, and Thailand. He is a two-time winner of the International Magical Performers Award.

“I didn’t realize just how powerful magic could be in communicating our strategies and plans. I am convinced that the impression with the sales force will be long lasting. Everyone left informed, entertained and truly motivated.” — Vice President, Sales for Campbell’s

As a theatrical consultant, Bill designs and creates special effects for Broadway shows, major motion pictures, television commercials as well as industrial and training videos. He is the author of Secrets of the Astonishing Executive, published by Avon Books.

Corporate Magixcian Bill Herz’s performances are always custom-tailored to the audience. Whether performing during a meeting, entertaining clients after dinner or astonishing guests at a cocktail party with his sleight of hand, Bill always integrates audience participation, humor and his unforgettable wizardry to ensure a special event that’s truly special.

Bill Herz Speaking Topics

Close-Up Show

A Close-Up show is perfect for groups of five to fifty people. It is a more formalized, yet casual show of close-up magic. The guests are seated audience style around a table. The performer entertains with close-up miracles involving the entire audience with cards, coins, watches, rings and of course, some ESP. The only thing needed is a table and a group that wants to have fun. The show usually lasts around forty-five minutes but can be shortened or lengthened to fit any schedule.

The Stand-Up Show

The Stand-Up show is an interactive comedy magic and mind reading show. Ideal for groups of 20 to 2000, it's an event that makes the audience the stars of the show. This fast paced energetic display of visual dexterity, wit and psychological mysteries is a show designed for thinking audiences, as everyone becomes a part of the action. Borrowed objects vanish and reappear, spectators’ thoughts are stolen and eye-popping impossibilities make the most sophisticated audiences wonder if what they saw was possible. All that's needed is a table and a microphone. And if you want to throw in a few large illusions, that’s no problem either. If you want to make the CEO magically appear or "flatten the competition" or even make an audience member float in mid-air, just let us know. Each show is tailored to the demographics of the group. At your request, meeting themes, key objectives and business messages can be easily incorporated into the show. Of course, walk-around magic at pre-dinner receptions can be included at no extra charge, if desired.

Award Banquets

One of the most important events at your conference shouldn't be lost to boredom. Like the school play, once your daughter has danced across the stage, the rest of the play doesn't hold alot of interest. That’s where we come in. We add dazzle and wit to your award presentations while highlighting the real magicians...the award winners. Whether making the presenters appear magically out of thin air, or using magic to segue smoothly between categories, we go out of our way to ensure that your people are the stars of the evening

Team Building

That’s right, team building. Bill has come up with a really unique, memorable and fun way to help your organization revitalize morale, increase product knowledge and demonstrate the importance of teamwork. Tell him your goals and he'll customize an event your attendees will never forget.

Keynote Speech – Expect the Unexpected

In an increasingly difficult business environment it’s not what you see coming at you that will give you the greatest challenges. It’s the surprises. It’s the unknowns. It’s what you least expect that will undermine the “best laid plans”. As a magician, Bill Herz specializes in preparing people for those surprises. In his full hour long entertaining and informative keynote speech, lecture and demonstration, Bill uses magic to teach the audience how to expect the unexpected. How can we prepare for those surprises? Frequently, we miss the most important issues because our attention is misdirected. “Misdirection” also happens to be one of a magician's most powerful tools and magic is a great way to teach an audience how to prepare for it. While in magic frequently we watch one hand while the other hand accomplishes the "magic", in business, frequently we often miss the complete picture because we are focused on the wrong element. In his lecture-demonstration, Bill uses video, audience interaction and magic to teach the group how to become more objective in viewing an entire landscape. The participants are shown how to separate the “real issues” from the “illusions” and thus, focus attention where it is most needed. The presentation is fast paced, humorous and is tailored for each specific audience. It is delivered in a light, entertaining manner. It can be delivered on its own, or it can be abbreviated, tailored and added onto a traditional entertainment performance.

Participatory Illusions

Often, the real trick is to get your message remembered. Your message is important but how do you make it stick? How do you highlight your key points in a way that makes your meeting a success? It’s easy. Add a little magic and excitement to your presentation. Magicorp is the creator of “Participatory Illusions”, custom-designed magic tricks and illusions that add intelligent fun to your presentation. We call them “Participatory Illusions” because your own executives are the stars. They actually perform the magic themselves! Give us your message and we will help add magic to make your presentations unforgettable. All thumbs? No problem. Magicorp illusions are designed to be performed easily by busy executives. We coach you right at the meeting site so that in just minutes you are ready to astonish.

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