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Founder of Motiv8u Enterprises and Leadership & Business Communications Expert

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Founder of Motiv8u Enterprises and Leadership
& Business Communications Expert

Featured on FOX, CBS, ABC & NBC, Betsy Allen-Manning is one of the top Leadership Success Speakers in Dallas TX, a best selling author, TEDx Presenter and human behavior expert. She’s worked as a manager for multi-billion dollar corporations; training staff for the Golden Globe Events & Wynn Hotels. Betsy helps leaders become an expert on their most important asset…their people; equipping them with proven strategies for dealing with difficult people, becoming 3x more productive and her ‘Secret Sauce’ is giving leaders the ability to read the predictable behavioral patterns of others so they can communicate in a way that produces better results. Companies that have experienced Betsy are BMW, Toshiba, TSA & The U.S. Department of Defense. Betsy is one of the most in demand trainers on DISC and Personality Styles and a top John Maxwell certified speaker in Dallas TX; which combined with her own leadership programs, has put her in a position to bring top leadership development programs and cutting edge communication & human behavior techniques to organizations nationwide. Betsy also traveled the world for over 12 years as a professional singer; which has helped her in delivering the 3 H’s of successful presentations: High energy, High engagement & High-level content.

Betsy Allen-Manning Speaking Topics

Great Leaders Pivot, Not Panic- 6 Keys to Help Your Team Buy into Change, Adapt Quickly & Innovate for Future Success

With change comes many challenges. Team members start operating out of fear, which turns into loss of focus, lower productivity, conflict, and disengagement; which eventually results in profits taking a hit. Leaders need to be equipped with the #1 skill required to help their teams navigate through changes effectively…the ability to ‘pivot’. In this presentation, one of the top leadership motivational speakers, Betsy Allen-Manning, shares her research, as well as experience of managing change for multi-billion-dollar corporations. You’ll discover why some leaders fail through change, and others succeed; and you will walk away with a 6 step strategy to communicate your change effectively, generate higher levels of innovation and buy-in, reduce the conflict that comes with change, and reshape your culture for a positive and successful team moving forward.

Impact Leadership- Master 3 Strategies to Increase Your Influence, Improve Motivation, Develop Future Leaders & Leave A Legacy

Today’s workforce requires a different type of leader. From CEO’s to supervisors, studies show that underdeveloped leaders are costing your company in productivity, key employees, and profits. Leaders need to own their role fully equipped to communicate their vision, influence people to get on board with it, inspire them to take action, and develop future leaders in the process. Based on Betsy’s TEDx talk, this presentation gives you the blueprint for being a leader with confidence, credibility, influence, respect & most importantly…IMPACT. Betsy Allen-Manning, one of the top leadership motivational speakers, has dedicated her life and research to understanding the strategies high-impact leaders use to become more effective, successful & impactful. With Betsy’s ‘3Q Leadership Blueprint’, you will walk away fully equipped to make your mark, while leading your team successfully into the future

Mental Impact- Master High-Powered Thinking to Conquer Stress, Overwhelm, Burnout & Change

Our daily lives are filled with moments of stress which can lead to conflict, burnout & even health issues. When people don’t understand their ‘Stress Triggers’, they can end up sabotaging their entire day; losing productivity and causing friction in their relationships. Your mental state will either help you thrive through your storms or die through your storms. In this presentation, certified human behavior expert, Betsy Allen-Manning, will share her proprietary 4 step formula for mastering the type of high-powered thinking that high achievers use to transform challenging, stressful and overwhelming moments into opportunities. It’s time to take control of your mental state and learn how to be more positive, build better relationships and get better results in life.

Impactful Communicators- 4 Keys to Build Trust, Captivate Listeners, Reduce Conflict & Win With People

Have you ever felt like you’re unable to build trust with certain types of people? Do you ever find it difficult to keep someone’s attention? Do you ever feel misunderstood and you’re not sure why? Studies show that over 60% of the time people become stressed out, misunderstand others, or lose interest altogether during conversations. Why? Because communication is NOT one size fits all, and in this program, Betsy shares 4 scientifically-proven barriers to effective communication and gives you immediate strategies to connect people to your message, become more influential, communicate with confidence & get better results with others.

DNA Of High Achievers- Develop the Mindset, Discipline, Habits & Game Plan to Reach Your Next Level

We all know deep down what it takes to be successful, but most people struggle with staying committed to daily practices, overcoming obstacles, beating procrastination, or they lack the confidence to achieve their next level. There are a select few, however, that have broken the mold to reach their full potential. They’re known as ‘High Achievers’. Through Betsy’s research, she’s discovered a 6-step formula they use to become more focused, disciplined, and successful. This formula is wired ONLY into the DNA of those who are fully committed to their next level in life. This presentation is for you if you’re ready to gain momentum, feel more confident, turn obstacles into opportunities, follow through with an ALL-IN mentality, and finally CRUSH YOUR GOALS!

Impactful Service/Sales- Increase Trust, Loyalty & Sales by Becoming An Expert On Your Clients

In order to WOW your clients, you need to KNOW your clients. In this program, you will learn how to recognize your customer’s personalities, preferences, priorities, and peeves so you can serve them in a way that makes them like you, trust your suggestions, and walk away feeling amazed by your service. You will learn what prompts people to make decisions faster, and how to deal with difficult people in a way that turns them into loyal clients. As one of the top leadership motivational speakers, a human behavior expert, and former manager of 5-star hotels, Betsy breaks down the science of personalities, and uses humor, stories and LIVE interaction to show you how to create more impactful experiences so people buy from you, refer you to others, rave about you online, and want to do business with you again.

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Win With People: 52 Keys to Connect & Communicate Successfully
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