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Ben Stein Speaker Biography

Actor, Economic Expert, Writer, and Entertaining Corporate Speaker

Ben Stein is widely regarded as the world’s most famous economics teacher. Why? Perhaps it has to do with his iconic scene in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, where he plays a nauseatingly dull high school teacher. It is rated as one of the most recognizable scenes in the history of American film.

However, the real Ben Stein is very different: a captivating, hilarious speaker who informs audiences on American politics and economics. And yes, he is a real-life economist, one who has won multiple awards and written multiple best-selling books. Educated in economics and law at Columbia and Yale, Stein has composed groundbreaking analyses on a variety of economic issues and concepts.

Prolific Writer

Stein has contributed to various publications, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The American Spectator, and Newsmax. For his extensive contributions, he was awarded the Malcolm Forbes Award for Excellence in Financial Writing in 2009.

Hollywood Career

Perhaps what Ben Stein is best known for, however, is his career as an actor and writer in Hollywood. After his famous role in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Stein also played a teacher on television drama The Wonder Years. He has also gone on to host and co-host many television shows, including the Emmy Award-winning Win Ben Stein’s Money, Turn Ben Stein On, and Star Search.


Alongside his acting career, Ben Stein served as a professor of law at Pepperdine University, American University, and the University of California at Santa Cruz. Prior to this, Stein famously served as a speech writer for presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. He is still actively involved in politics, working as an activist for the recognition of military families and an advocate against the political correctness surrounding the theory of evolution.

Recognized as a best corporate speaker, Ben Stein brings understanding of economics to corporate, scholarly, and charitable audiences with a refreshing touch of levity. Stein loves to engage and interact with his audiences even after the speaking engagement is over, often chatting deep into the night.


Ben Stein is the author of several books including Yes,You Can Supercharge your Portfolio! Yes, You Can Still Retire Comfortably! and Yes You Can Time the Market! all co-written with Phil DeMuth.

Ben Stein Speaking Topics

A Positive Program To Beat the Retirement Crisis

From individual retirees to the nation as a whole, Ben Stein crafts a sound plan for investment success based on sound principles of diversification an avoidance of risk. Stein shows audiences the source of the retirement crisis, how long the path to recovery is, and what our nation can do to recover. Stein’s plan is designed to show investors how the assistance of financial advisors can grow their money without the risks. Anyone who wants to retire safely and comfortably needs to hear this speech.

Ben Stein for Humorous Events

Enjoy Ben Stein’s classic routine, “How To Ruin Your Life,” which is adapted to the occasion of your event.

Ben Stein at Universities and Colleges

Ben Stein is available for speaking engagements at institutions across the world. He can speak on many topics, including how students can cope with financial crisis.

Ben Stein on the Economic Crisis

Ben Stein speaks on the causes of the economic disaster, its severity, and what we can do to get out of it.

Ben Stein on the Economy

During election season, complaints and promises about corruption run rampant in the nation’s capital. Despite the vows of candidates to clean up government waste, nothing ever actually gets done. No matter what happens, the American people are footing the massive bill. What Washington needs is more regulation and prosecution of corrupt government crooks. In his speech, Ben Stein shows how this problem got started, the consequences for the economy, and what we need to do to get out of the problem.

Ben Stein on Life

Ben Stein has been fortunate enough to cram multiple lives into one. From writing speeches for presidents to a career in Hollywood, Ben Stein has been through professions that most can only dream of. Find out why audiences are calling Ben Stein the best corporate speaker, as his insights and humor combine to create a night that will not soon be forgotten.

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Yes, You Can Supercharge your Portfolio!
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Yes, You Can Still Retire Comfortably!
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Yes You Can Time the Market!
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Yes, You Can Supercharge your Portfolio!
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Yes, You Can Still Retire Comfortably!
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