Alexis Jones

Award-Winning Activist, Author, Founder of I AM THAT GIRL & ProtectHer

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Award-Winning Activist, Author, and Founder of
I AM THAT GIRL & ProtectHer

Alexis Jones is an internationally recognized speaker, media personality, activist, and author.  She is motivational speaker best known for competing on the reality competition show Survivor.


Alexis founded the non-profit I AM THAT GIRL (501c3), which currently has 1.2M+ girls involved and chapters in 24+ countries.


Alexis hosted a TV show on the Red Carpet, worked on shows at Fox Sports, ESPN, CBS, MTV, and TLC.


Alexis also founded the company ProtectHer, the first ever educational program for male athletes on the importance of respecting women.

Be a Good Human

Given the most recent turmoil in Hollywood, the sports world, and US politics; Alexis is excited to launch her most recent initiative, Be a Good Human, as a solution based response to the pandemic levels of sexual assault springing up around the country. Instead of villainizing men, Alexis invites, includes and inspires both men and women to be an integral and tangible part of the solution moving forward.

Motivational Speaker

Alexis has been invited to speak at The White House, The United Nations, Harvard, Stanford, ESPN, NIKE, Pepsi, Google, DELL, The NFL and The Girl Scouts. She most recently won The Jefferson Award, our country’s highest national honor for public service.

Honors and Accolades

She has been featured as Oprah’s #SuperSoul100, AOL’s MAKERS, was an Ambassador for L’Oreal’s STEM initiative, DELL’s #Inspire100 List, Fast Company’s “Female Trailblazers,” ESPN’s “Pop Culture’s Top Ten,” Girl Scout’s Woman of Distinction and highlighted as one of the five most influential women in Texas as a Profiles in Power winner.


Originally from Texas, Alexis grew up with four older brothers and moved to Los Angeles where she completed her undergrad and Masters both from USC.

Be a Good Human: Preventing Sexual Harassment & Inspiring Diversity and Inclusivity

As the face of female empowerment, a college football expert, and having hiked Mt. Everest and surviving 33 days on a deserted island; Growing up in Texas with four older brothers Alexis Jones is an interesting hybrid of femininity, grit, resilience and compassion. With very public sexual assault and harassment allegations within corporate C suites, in Hollywood, the sports world and among political hopefuls becoming the highest trending news; Alexis has already been hired to speak at Google, DELL, Pepsi, NIKE, The NFL, The United Nations and The Girl Scouts as preventive medicine. Having founded an international nonprofit empowering women, Alexis also intimately understands the urgency around women’s safety and rather than preach from a soapbox, she inspires and includes men into the conversation. With her head down working as a “Justice Warrior” for over a decade, Alexis just received the prestigious Jefferson Award aka “the Oscar of the activist world” for having also founded ProtectHer, the first educational program educating young men on the importance or respecting women, long before the #metoo movement and #timesup exploded. While the topics Alexis has dedicated her life to are now trending, she remains focused on solution based strategies to inspire significant and tangible progress moving us all forward. In Alexis’ own words “we cannot remain stagnant, focused purely on the problem. We have to be brave enough to start discussing radical topics such as patience, forgiveness, redemption and rehabilitation because shame has never been an effective change agent. We will have to find a balance between hard accountability, radical grace and real actionable solutions; only then will we discover a path forward.” In this talk, Alexis will inspire a new company culture, not by pointing fingers, blaming and shaming; but by inspiring a new normal, where all humans are treated with dignity and respect.

I AM THAT GIRL: Inspiring the BADASS in Every Woman

As the founder or a 1.2+ million girl army, Alexis is an expert on all things female. Coming from “nothing” Alexis inspires her audience to summit their own personal Everest as she shares the adventures of founding an a wildly successful company, building a personal brand all while finding her own voices and learning to use it unapologetically. Whether it’s starting their own company, finally writing that book, rebuilding a broken relationship or bravely signing up for a new hobby, Alexis encourages women to look inward for purpose, confidence, and power. Because what does it mean to be a powerful woman today? How can you find strength in your imperfections? How can you use your unique voice to lift up other women instead of tearing them down? Alexis will answer these questions and teach you how to be that independent, confident woman who dares to lead other women into changing the world, even if that only world changed is their own. This is an empowerment speech on steroids leaving everyone in the audience capable and hungry of chasing down their “impossible.”

ProtectHer: Redefining #Manhood

The hottest topics in news today aren’t highlighting Heisman hopefuls or the latest March Madness rankings; unfortunately headlines are focused primarily on the rampant sexual assault allegations coming out on college campuses and among other industries While there is endless media attention about the problem, few people are discussing tangible solutions as a way forward. In this incredibly important presentation, Alexis Jones starts what becomes an ongoing dialogue, asking young men the simple question, What kind of man will you choose to be? Having worked at ESPN and Fox Sports, Alexis speaks “dude” with exceptional ease. Based on her original talk at NIKE to the top 18 high school quarterbacks in the country for ESPNU’s show Elite 11, Alexis goes much deeper than simply making audiences aware of the issues. Through strategic humor, relatable stories and tangible action steps, Alexis shares how to be brave and vulnerable– highlighting the fact that in order for men to respect women, men first have to respect themselves. She believes that men are not simply the problem when it comes to poor treatment of women, they are actually the cure. Alexis inspires a new possibility of what it means to be a badass guy and leaves every person in the room excited to be the change we so desperately need.

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