SPEAKER SPOTLIGHT – KEVIN O’LEARY – Top Business Speaker, Respected Investor, Author, Venture Capitalist, and Judge on ABC’s Shark Tank and CNBC’s Money Court Reality Show

How great would it be if you could receive business advice from a top investor like Kevin O’Leary? You don’t have to go on Shark Tank to get the inside scoop on how to improve your business outcomes, make your product more sellable or get a higher evaluation for your company.

Invite Kevin O’Leary to be your “secret agent” for the day and learn exclusive “lessons from a Shark.” Kevin will share professional tips and personal anecdotes with his opinionated nature that has won over millions.

As a top entrepreneur speaker, author, venture capitalist, guest judge on Shark Tank, and star on Money Court, keynote speaker Kevin O’Leary provides audiences with insights on business, finance, and financial literacy. Kevin’s engaging presence has wowed companies across various industries, including major corporations such as Pitney Bowes, Cisco Systems, and Aon Corporation.

Kevin O’Leary will take you on a behind-the-scenes look at his two hit shows, Dragons’ Den & Shark Tank. He’ll share entertaining and insightful outtakes from his TV shows – videos you can’t see anywhere else, along with a current economic overview and how it relates to your industry, and finally, he’ll be a ‘secret agent’ for your industry with insights into how your industry is performing, where the innovation is coming from and more. All based on a content review of your industry prior to the event.

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