Remembering Suzanne Somers: Hollywood Trailblazer

Everyone here at is very sad to hear of the passing of Suzanne Somers who was one of our top breast cancer awareness speakers. It is especially poignant that she left us during Breast Cancers Aweness Month. Our condolences to family, friends, and all that were inspired by her gifts. Suzanne Somers passed away on October 15, 2023, at the age of 76 after a long battle with breast cancer. Her legacy will continue to inspire people around the world. Please join us as we honor and Suzanne Somers’ amazing life and legacy.

Suzanne was a well-known actress, author, and entrepreneur who inspired many people with her resilience and positive outlook on life. Her contributions to the entertainment industry and the wellness community will always be remembered.

Suzanne Somers was born on October 16, 1946, in San Bruno, California. She began her career as a model and later transitioned to acting. She gained fame for her role as Chrissy Snow in the television show “Three’s Company” which aired from 1977 to 1984. She also appeared in several other television shows and movies throughout her career.

In addition to acting, Suzanne Somers was also an entrepreneur and a best-selling author. She authored several books on health and wellness, including Ageless: The Naked Truth About Bioidentical Hormones and Tox-Sick: From Toxic to Not Sick. She was also the founder of the Suzanne Somers Institute for the Effects of Addictions on the Family.

Suzanne Somers was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000 and underwent alternative treatments instead of chemotherapy. She was a vocal advocate for alternative medicine and natural remedies. Despite her diagnosis, she continued to work and inspire others with her positive attitude.

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