Professors Robert George and Cornel West at Slippery Rock University

Known as the “ideological odd couple,” guest speakers Robert George and Cornel West spoke to an enthusiastic audience at Slippery Rock University last Thursday sharing a message of unity to eradicate discrimination and racism. Professor George is known as an influential conservative Christian thinker and author who is an authority on constitutional interpretation, civil liberties, philosophy of law and political philosophy. West has been considered the preeminent African American intellectual of his generation, and is known for his provocative democratic ideology. George and West discussed topics that include freedom of speech, freedom of thought, the Black Lives Matter movement and the cancel culture.

The event was spectacular! Professors West and George are pure magic together – we were all mesmerized the minute they sat in their comfy chairs and began to speak. Every campus should have the pleasure of hosting these two amazing professors – they were so very gracious. We didn’t want them to leave us. It was by far one of the most awe-inspiring and thought-provoking discussion we have had at SRU in a very, very long time. And, it was so incredible to have them here LIVE!!! So worth the wait and extra effort!! Please thank your wonderful staff for working with us on this very special event.
–Slippery Rock University

For an in depth look at today’s issues from both sides of the story, book A Civil Discourse – A Conversation With Professor’s Cornel West and Robert George at today!

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