NEW BOOK FROM DON PEPPERS: Managing Customer Experiences, 4th Edition

In the newly revised Fourth Edition of Managing Customer Experience and Relationships: A Strategic Framework, two of the world’s leading experts, Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, on customer experience deliver a combination of theory, case studies, and incisive strategic analysis to guide companies on their quests to put customers at the center of their business model.

Managing Customer Experience and Relationships: A Strategic Framework, Fourth Edition, is a hands-on and insightful discussion of how businesses can create meaningful and memorable customer experiences for individual customers on a large scale. The book’s emphasis on “treating different customers differently” and implementing mass-customization principles to drive digital interactions offers readers a strategy for avoiding the one-size-fits-all customer interactions that characterize less sophisticated organizations.

The distinguished authors combine theory, case studies, and strategic analyses as they provide students and working professionals with the blueprint to putting individual customers―and not just customer profiles or fictional avatars―at the center of their business model. They draw on decades of academic and professional experience in customer relationships as they provide brand-new material on data-driven marketing analytics and the implementation and monitoring of customer success management programs.

The newly updated Fourth Edition of Managing Customer Experience and Relationships is a can’t-miss resource for students, researchers, and professionals interested in sales, marketing, and other revenue generation fields who seek practical and concrete strategies for delivering individualized and impactful customer experiences that transform window shoppers into brand loyalists, in order to increase the value of the enterprise by increasing the value of the customer base. Book a World-Renowned Marketing Expert like Don Peppers at today.

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