From TEDx to Your Event: How to Land High-Profile Speakers

Securing high-profile speakers for your event, whether it’s a TEDx talk or any other type of gathering, can greatly enhance its appeal and impact. High-profile speakers bring credibility, expertise, and often a dedicated following. Let help you find the perfect keynote speaker. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you land these speakers:

Define Your Event’s Purpose and Audience:

  • Understand the main theme and objectives of your event.
  • Identify the target audience and the type of speakers that would resonate with them.

Create a Speaker Wish List:

  • Research and compile a list of potential high-profile speakers who align with your event’s purpose and audience.

Leverage Your Network:

  • Utilize your personal and professional connections to get introductions to potential speakers.
  • Attend relevant industry events and conferences to network with potential speakers.

Craft a Compelling Pitch:

  • Develop a persuasive pitch that clearly communicates the value of speaking at your event.
  • Highlight the benefits for the speaker, such as exposure, networking opportunities, or aligning with a cause they care about.

Reach Out Strategically:

  • Send personalized emails or messages to your target speakers, explaining why you believe they would be a great fit for your event.
  • Be concise, respectful of their time, and make it easy for them to understand the benefits of participating.

Provide Detailed Information:

  • Once a speaker expresses interest, provide comprehensive event details, including date, location, format, and audience demographics.
  • Share your event’s mission and vision, and how the speaker’s participation will contribute to it.

Highlight Past Successes:

  • If applicable, showcase the success of previous events or TEDx talks you’ve organized.
  • Share testimonials from past speakers and attendees to build credibility.

Offer Flexibility and Perks:

  • Be open to accommodating the speaker’s schedule and preferences.
  • Consider offering perks such as travel expenses, accommodation, and access to exclusive networking events.

Showcase Your Team’s Capabilities:

  • Highlight the competence and dedication of your event organizing team.
  • Emphasize your ability to ensure a smooth and successful experience for the speaker.

Follow Up and Be Persistent:

  • If you don’t receive a response initially, follow up with a polite reminder.
  • Be persistent but respectful; high-profile individuals often have busy schedules.

Negotiate Terms and Contracts:

  • Once a speaker agrees, negotiate terms and draft a clear contract that outlines expectations, compensation (if any), and other logistics.
  • Ensure all parties are clear on their roles and responsibilities.

Promote the Speaker and the Event:

  • Actively promote the speaker’s involvement in your event through your marketing channels.
  • Generate buzz around the event to maximize attendance and exposure.

Provide Excellent Support:

  • Offer support in preparing the speaker’s presentation or talk.
  • Ensure their needs are met during the event, such as tech support, transportation, and accommodations.

Express Gratitude:

  • After the event, send a thank-you note expressing your appreciation for their participation and contributions.
  • Remember that securing high-profile speakers can be challenging, and not all of your invitations may be accepted. Be prepared with backup options and continue refining your outreach strategy based on feedback and results from previous events. Building a strong reputation for your event over time will also make it easier to attract high-profile speakers in the future. is a Premiere International Speakers Bureau with over 30 years of experience specializing in celebrity keynote speakers and experts in business, motivation, leadership, innovation, the global economy, and contemporary social issues. Contact us today to find your perfect keynote speaker!

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