The Laws of Disruption: Harnessing the New Forces that Govern Life and Business in the Digital Age

Digital technology has become ubiquitous. We click through licensing agreements without reading them, post digital music files, and add phone applications. Are these uses legal? Moral? Most people aren’t sure. This is because social, political, and economic systems—like the law—change slowly, but technology changes in the blink of an eye. Users are left in the gap between the speed of innovation and the sluggishness of social change.
In The Laws of Disruption, Larry Downes, bestselling business author, consultant, and strategist, jumps into that gap, revealing the business and social implications of the laws of disruption as they relate to the problems of oversight, strategy, and the Internet. Essential reading for technology users, lawyers, and businesses, The Laws of Disruption will be an instant business classic, a guide for those who encounter these conflicts every day.

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