On My Honor, I Will: Leading with Integrity in Challenging Times

Randy’s book shows how simple, old-fashioned principles are the key to success and survival in a turbulent and changing world. Citing real life examples from leaders such as Mary Kay Ash, Sam Walton and Dr. Stanley Pearle, as well as corporate examples from Johnson & Johnson, JCPenney, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and others, On My Honor provides a step-by-step process current and future leaders can use to:
• Build trust and strong relationships with others
• Respond to questionable situations and recover from ethical lapses in business and life with honor and integrity
• Gain a competitive edge in business without sacrificing your principles
• Create a personal and organizational foundation that instills pride, integrity and a commitment to doing what is right from the inside out
• Increase the opportunities for long-term success in a rapidly changing world.

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