Execute… or Be Executed

Strategy alone does not determine business success. It s how well you implement that strategy, how well you execute those ideas and plans. Effective execution requires looking at your entire business and finding ways to improve each part of the process your leadership, your people, your business process, your partners, your technological skill. It requires really implementing the improvements you see necessary, getting your employees to fully participate, measuring your progress, adjusting, correcting, applauding, and then repeating the process all again… and again… and again. This book will help you, your organization, and your people to use the organizational tools you already own to close the gap between your dreams and reality. This book is filled with do-able ideas. It will assist you to look outside your traditional viewing (and thinking) platform. Research information and examples abound. Use them not only to consider changing your modus operandi, use them to help you decide how to change your approach. Execution is touched by so many factors, from the style of the leader, to the mindset of the people from the skills brought to the table to the environment in which execution is to take place from the partners involved to the technology utilized. Each part of the book focuses on one area of execution. Part One: Examines the characteristics of today s organizations, today s leaders and today s people. Part Two: Looks at the members of the execution team. Part Three: Highlights in detail the skills required for effective execution to take place. Part Four: Focuses on the partners in execution from the resources to the technology. Part Five: Concentrates on the execution experience. At the conclusion of each part there are Marketplace Lessons that offer up valuable learning experiences. All together the book discusses significant elements of execution and offers many invaluable suggestions you will use on an ongoing basis. These will assist you to move from strategic thinking to strategic doing. Take charge of execution!

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