World-renowned adviser on environmental strategy, Andrew Winston releases new book, The Big Pivot

The reality today is that we’ve passed an economic tipping point. A weakening of the foundations of our planetary infrastructure, including extreme weather and  pressure on natural resources, is costing business dearly and putting our society at risk. The mega-challenges threaten our ability to run an expanding global economy and profoundly change “business as usual.” But they also offer unprecedented opportunities: multi-trillion-dollar markets are in play and the winners of this new game will profit mightily. The way companies currently operate will not allow them to keep up with the current—and future—rate of change. They need to make the big pivot.
In Winston’s newly released book  The Big Pivot, he provides ten crucial strategies for leaders and companies ready to move boldly forward and win in this new reality. With concrete advice and tactics, and new stories from companies like BT, Diageo, Dow, Ford, Nike, Unilever, Walmart, and many others, The Big Pivot will help all of us create more resilient businesses and a more prosperous world. 

Andrew Winston has been advising many of the world’s leading companies on environmental strategy. He sits on sustainability advisory boards for top companies including Kimberly-Clark, Hewlett-Packard, and Unilever.  A globally recognized expert on green business strategy, he is a sought-after speaker on the world’s mega challenges and how companies can manage and profit from them. 

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