TV Host and Former CMO, Jeff Hayzlett Featured in Smart Meetings Magazine

In the August 2014 issue of Smart Meetings magazine,TV host & former CMO of Kodak Jeff Hayzlett shares why in-person meetings are here to stay. Described as a “straight shooter” in the article, Jeff explains that “people have been predicting virtual events and the demise of the meetings industry for years, and all I can say is they’re idiots.” Jeffrey Hayzlett has delivered over 400 keynote speeches in his professional speaking career. He’s seen some conferences go digital, but knows nothing beats the face-to-face interaction with like-minded people. As chief marketing officer for Eastman Kodak for four years until 2010,
he saw the iconic company adapt too slowly to the digital universe and
fail. (Kodak declared bankruptcy in 2012.)
In the interview, Hayzlett also discussed what it takes to be a change agent. “As leaders, it’s our job to cause tension and drive change. We have to remember that no one is going to die because of those changes we make. C-Suite executives and business leaders who can help their company get past the fear, apathy, and failure to take personal responsibility and actually serve their customers are the ones who will succeed.”

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