THE NEW FEUDALISM – New Book from Leading Futurist Joel Kotkin

In the latest book from world-renowned futurist, Joel Kotkin, The New Feudalism: The Coming Global Return to the Middle Ages, the predicts the rise of a new global feudal system made up of an aristocracy, peasantry, and a legal, academic and administrative clerisy. In The New Feudalism, renowned future trends expert Joel Kotkin posits that we are witnessing the early indicators of a global return to a feudal system―one ruled by tech giants, justified and bolstered by a clerisy of professionals in the academy and the media, and featuring a massive and growing underclass of workers who cannot compete in the modern meritocracy. The populist movements of today are akin to a serf rebellion, but Kotkin fears that their efforts will not be enough to change the trajectory of our society.

The New Feudalism is an accessible, intelligent, and prescient look at what the future may hold in store for humanity, and a warning to all that we must resist this global takeover before it’s too late. Book a cutting-edge futurist like Joel Kotkin at today!

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