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CNBC Senior Analyst and Commentator, Trailblazing Financial Journalist, Bestselling Author and Financial Professional

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CNBC Senior Analyst and Financial Expert

Ron Insana is a reporter for Market Score Board Report with Ron Insana, syndicated by Compass, and a Senior Analyst and Commentator at CNBC. He reports on the major stories of the day, economic and political policy issues, markets and global economics. He is also a regular contributor to MSNBC and NBC.

Career Highlights

Insana has landed exclusive interviews with Presidents Bush and Clinton, and Vice-Presidents Cheney and Gore. He hosted the first-ever television interviews with every Treasury Secretary since Robert Rubin (including Rubin, Summers, O’Neil and Snow.) Insana has also landed exclusive interviews with several billionaire investors, including Warren Buffett, George Soros, Stanley Druckenmiller, Julian Robertson and others. He has also interviewed the nation’s most respected CEOs, from Jack Welch and Jeff Immelt, to Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, A.G. Lafley, and Richard Grasso.

Previous Experience

Insana joined CNBC in the 1991 merger with the Financial News Network. He is a regular contributor to NBC’s Today Show and The Nightly News with Brian Williams, as well as Market Wrap on sister network MSNBC, and other programs when market activity warrants.
Insana began his career in 1984 as an FNN production assistant, rising to managing editor and chief of FNN’s Los Angeles bureau at the time the two networks combined. While at FNN, he was nominated for a Golden ACE Award for his role in covering the 1987 stock market crash.


He has published several books: “Trendwatching: Don’t Be Fooled by the Next Investment Fad, Mania, or Bubble” (2002); “Traders’ Tales” (1996); and “The Message of the Markets” (2000). 

Awards and Recognition

Insana was nominated for a News and Documentary Emmy Award as part of NBC’s coverage of 9-11, and in 1999, Insana was named one of the top 100 business news journalists of the century by TJFR Group.

Philanthropic Involvement

He is also actively involved in Junior Achievement of New York, The Michael J. Fox Foundation, The Robin Hood Foundation and Autism Speaks. Insana graduated with honors from California State University at Northridge.


For several years, Ron Insana has been touting the rise of “Fortress America,” even as others have heralded the emergence of the Asian Century. The Fortress appears to have some cracks, as radical shifts in U.S. foreign, fiscal, and regulatory policies could make it less impregnable than ever before. With the gutting of the U.S. diplomatic corps, the American withdrawal from—or renegotiation of—key multilateral agreements, from the Paris Climate Accord to TPP to NAFTA, the United States is risking its leadership position in the world, its ability to aid its allies, and its credibility in admonishing its adversaries. While the elimination of costly regulations has been a boon to businesses and stock prices, the long-term consequences of these changes are not yet known. What happens if the pillars of Fortress America—energy independence, manufacturing, technological innovation, demographic and political stability—begin to weaken? Ron Insana explores how the shifting domestic and global political environments could strain the economy, disrupt certain industries, and affect financial markets in the relatively near future.


Whiplash may be the best way to characterize how it feels to try and navigate this economic landscape. With accelerating change and disruption everywhere, every day can feel like uncharted territory for business leaders. It’s made worse because the old models of predicting where the economy is headed aren’t as reliable as they once were. Amid such uncertainty, Ron Insana leans on more than three decades of covering business and economic news to connect the dots to paint a picture of the economic future for business. This is a powerful look at the U.S. and global economies and the political, social, technological, and market forces that are driving them.


How can you protect what you have and find new opportunities in this uncertain investment climate? Ron Insana weighs in on stocks, bonds, interest rates, cryptocurrencies, real estate, and more with smart strategies for dealing with a complex global economy and a U.S. economic expansion that some feel is long in the tooth and others say still has plenty of room to grow. How can you effectively chart a course and minimize risk while still growing your investments? It’s a tricky question and Ron Insana offers solid answers with up-to-the-minute statistics to back up his observations. In an economic environment where dramatic change can occur in an instant, Ron Insana arms audiences with sound advice they can use to protect their economic future.

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