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CEO and Chief Storyteller of revolutionary new program "The Mark of a Leader"

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$10,001 to $20,000
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Unknown, Canada

Doug Keeley, CEO and Chief Storyteller of The Mark of a Leader, is one of North America’s leading communicators, and a self-professed “leadership junkie”.

Today his revolutionary new program, The Mark of a Leader, is inspiring corporate workforces across North America to improved performance. The Mark of a Leader brings inspiring stories from the world’s greatest leaders, teams, and brands to the conference industry.

Using a pioneering technique called Digital Storytelling, The Mark of a Leader uses a live narrator with video and original music to inspire audiences and offer meeting planners a completely new approach to agenda structure and traditional motivational speakers. It also offers an ongoing communication program to drive the messages and impact over time.

The program has been used with great success by companies like amgen, Canadian Tire, CIM, Foresters, Frito Lay, HP, Lego, Meeting Planners International, Microsoft, Pepsi-QTG, Scotiabank, Starbucks, Xerox, and many others.

The founder and CEO of ICE, one of North America’s largest private marketing communications companies, Doug has worked with hundreds of corporations in his 25 year career. Much of his experience has been producing huge events around the world, and he and his veteran production team have turned this experience into creating a one-of-a-kind experience with The Mark of a Leader.

Doug has written many magazine stories and columns, appeared as a subject expert in two books on creativity and corporate culture, and been interviewed many times on radio and television on the subjects of leadership and innovation.

His new book, The Mark of a Leader, will be out this fall.

The Mark of a Leader Program is rocket fuel for any conference!

It is a treasure chest of inspiring stories about the world’s greatest leaders – individuals, teams, and brands – and the principles that drive leadership.

The stories use state of the art video, multimedia, and original music, and a live storyteller.
They are all customized to your theme, message and audience.

You intersperse them throughout your conference – to open and close, start and end days, before and after breaks, and so on. Or we can make a keynote for you.

They’ll make your audience laugh, cry, cheer, think – and be inspired to leave an unforgettable mark on your organization. …All for the cost of a typical opening video.

There are also all the ingredients to create an off-the-shelf conference, and an ongoing communication program…..Sound good?

Clients like Amgen, HP, Lego, Microsoft, MPI Toronto, Microsoft, Scotiabank, and many others think it’s amazing.

The Stories

THE MARK OF A LEADER stories are created by a world class team of event producers and craftspeople….The stories are typically 5-7 minutes long each. They are created with rare images, video, original music, and amazing multimedia, run off a laptop, and narrated on stage by a live storyteller.

Our subjects cover leaders in virtually aspect of life, and range from Apple to Starbucks, Roger Bannister to The Beatles, Sir Winston Churchill to Benjamin Franklin, Chicken Soup to Cirque du Soleil, Rosa Parks to Bob Geldof, the Head Game of Golf to The 12 Notes of Music, Oprah to Picasso.

There are dozens of stories, and the library is constantly growing…..Your only difficult decision will not be "how many are there?" it will be "how many can we squeeze in?"

Meeting in a Box
We’ve created all the elements you need to put on a conference: graphic and Powerpoint templates, a stage set, signage, and so on. We simply customize them with your logo, add an audience, and presto, you have the ingredients for an amazing conference. Fast, easy, and inexpensive.

Breakout Session
We’ve created a series of inspiring, interactive breakout sessions, led by specialists, who bring the key themes of THE MARK OF A LEADER to life for your people.

An interactive musical session where the audience learns to work together as team to perform various roles in a percussion or band experience. Whether musical novices or veteran players, this session is a powerful learning experience and points out the importance and roles of different team members in creating a successful result.

In this session a team of experienced artists teaches the audience the basics of visual expression and gets them to create theme-based works as individuals and as a team. This session gets the audience outside their comfort zones and teaches the importance of clear visioning to achieving results.

This session is a cross between McGyver and an old fashioned Science Fair. Participants learn to solve problems using supplied materials in a variety of different ways, with specific goals and time limits. They learn to stretch the limits of their imaginations, and use different team members’ skills and strengths to achieve a result.

In this exciting and eye-opening session we explore what it is like to challenge the highest mountains in the world. Our workshop leader, a veteran climber who has already conquered 5 of the world’s 7 highest peaks, shows the importance of planning, preparation and teamwork when lives are at stake. He also tells riveting stories of how critical it is to be 100% present and "in the moment" when you’re on the mountain, for any mistake could be your last.

Ongoing Communication
The biggest complaint most audiences, and clients, have with conferences is that the messages and impact don’t last once attendees are back at their jobs.
THE MARK OF A LEADER Communication Program helps you solve that problem.

At its core is a subscription based, monthly newsletter, which sits on your Intranet or is emailed. The Ezine is customized to your messages and people, and includes more inspiring stories of great leaders, along with stories and updates about how your team is achieving their goals.

One of our clients is using The Mark of a Leader as the basis for their Reward and Recognition Program, and has created an entire section of their Intranet devoted to leadership stories, nominations, and winner features.

Others have built complete multimedia communications programs around The Mark of a Leader. In 2006, we’ll be introducing a host of new products and affiliations to build even more powerful programs.

Who Should Use It?
The Mark of a Leader is designed for any conference where you want to inspire your people to think and act like better leaders, and drive improved performance.
This includes:

  • Sales meetings
  • Channel, franchisee or dealer meetings
  • Employee or management meetings
  • Association meetings
  • Product launches
  • Incentive programs
  • Customer events
  • Awards

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