John and Doris Naisbitt

Global Futurists and Co-authors of China's Megatrends and Global Game Change

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Global Futurists and Internationally Renowned Co-Authors
of China’s Megatrend and Global Game Change

Legendary trend forecasters John and Doris Naisbitt started a search for patterns that form the picture of the new China, but found what was of much greater dimension and importance than just the economic rise of China: China is creating an entirely new social and economic system whose impact will be felt globally for decades to come. In 2007 they established the Naisbitt China Institute at Tianjin University. Two years later, in 2009, John Naisbitt co-authored China’s Megatrends – The 8 Pillars of a New Society with Doris Naisbitt. The book is has been published in more than 15 countries and is a best seller in many of them. John Naisbitt’s first book, Megatrends, sold more than 9 million copies and established him firmly as one of the world’s leading trend forecasters. His numerous international best sellers have sold more than 14 million copies worldwide in 42 countries, including the book he co-wrote with Doris Naisbitt China’s Megatrends—a best seller in China from the first week of its publication.

Doris Naisbitt, an observer of global social, economic and political trends, is the Director of the Naisbitt China Institute in Tianjin, China. She holds professorships at Nankai and Yunnan University, and at Yunnan Normal Universities in China and Skolkovo Open University. In her biweekly column in China Youth Daily, China’s second largest newspaper, she addresses China’s young generation. The column is also published in Youth Digest, the largest Youth magazine in China. Doris and husband, global futurist and China trends expert John Naisbitt, also write a bi-weekly column for Austria’s newspaper WirtschaftsBlatt.

Publishing Career

Doris Naisbitt has a distinguished career in publishing, serving as head of the Austrian publishing house, Signum Verlag. During her tenure she upgraded the company by acquiring internationally known authors and establishing Signum as a player in the broader German Language market, including Germany and Switzerland. Among Ms. Naisbitt´s first new authors was John Naisbitt, whose book, Megatrends Asia, published 1995, became a bestseller in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, under the Signum imprint. From 2002 to 2006 she worked in close collaboration with John Naisbitt’s public lecturing in editing and translating his books and other works for the German publishing houses of Hanser, Bertelsmann and Frankfurter Allgemeine Buchverlag. Other international authors Doris Naisbitt has brought to the German language market include Peter Senge, the author of the world-acclaimed Fifth Discipline and Don Tapscott, author of the ground breaking new book, Wikinomics. Ms. Naisbitt entered the publishing world at the age of 39, after working in the production of television documentaries for Walter Davy, an award-winning director.


Doris Naisbitt is author of Mai-Lin My China, co-author of the bestseller China’s Megatrends: Eight Pillars of a New Society, co-author of The China Model and Innovation in China: The Chengdu Triangle and The Global Game Change. John and Doris’s latest is Mastering Megatrends: Understanding and Leveraging the Evolving New World.


Ms. Naisbitt studied fashion and theatre in Vienna at the acclaimed Academy of Performing Arts under the tutelage of Susi Nicoletti and Pula Wesseley, two of Austria’s most famous actresses. She and John Naisbitt live in Vienna, Austria and Tianjin, China.

Western Democracy in Crisis and a New Governing Model on the Rise

For the Western world, Western democracy is the world’s best and only acceptable way of governing. Thus the West sees the future and sustainability of China in adopting Western value and Western democracy. But what is the scenario from a Chinese point of view? Is China a capitalist country with a communist coat or a communist country with capitalist coat? Is it is slowly peeling off one communist layer after the other in preparation for slipping into the capitalist coat held by the West? No, this will not happen. After 30 years of selectively embracing knowledge from the world and re-interpreting Chinese ancient wisdom and experience, China is walking its own political path, creating a whole new political, social/economic model. This model allows strategic planning as well as flexibility in changing conditions. It combines the advantages of continuity in leadership with bottom-up participation. Can the Chinese model successfully increase wealth and sustain political stability of a fifth of the world’s population? Is it possible that capitalism and big government fit together in ways that are hard for the West to envision? Will the Chinese become a tempting counter-model for countries in the third world - one that could over time constitute a real challenge for the Western democratic way of governing? With Western democracies in crisis, what can the West learn from the Chinese model?

What is "The China Strategy" and How Can You Use It to Succeed?

China’s rise is evident in almost every field. Since 1990 its economy has moved from # 137 in the world to # 3 in the world. 450 of the Fortune 500 companies are investing in and have a presence in China, China’s foreign-exchange reserves have risen to 2 trillion; 2/3 of the economy is now in the private sector. Strategically efficient in its political strategies and economic vigor, when will it become a challenger to America’s leading political position and economic competitiveness? What is the secret behind building world-class infrastructure, majestic cities, state-of-the-art airports and establishing globally competitive enterprises in record time? What can we learn from China’s strategy? How will China’s determination to become the innovation country of the world impact on America’s corporate world? While China will take two or three decades to catch up with the Unites States, if it ever does, no viable decision can be made without taking China’s economic and political rise into account.

The Chinese Way of Leadership

Even China’s harshest critics are beginning to admit the remarkable qualities of China’s leadership in the fast evolution from a dirt poor country to a major global player in only 30 years? What enabled China to turn a demoralized, patronized and poorly educated workforce in a country of a billion people to become proactive and competitive? China has reinvented itself as if it were a huge enterprise. It has developed leadership principles which are focusing on a change in thinking rather than detailed directives. The “enterprise” developed a culture which fit the demands of the enterprise and pointed the workforce in the direction of modernity and wealth. Economically and politically China’s leadership and its people have quickly moved from imitation to innovation.

Mind Set

High Tech/High Touch and Megatrends 2000 author John Naisbitt has had his eyes set on the future for more than 20 years. In Mind Set!, he teaches audiences to understand today's trends and anticipate those of tomorrow. He identifies 11 key tools, which he calls Mind Sets, and explains how to use them while navigating the five forces that will dominate our lives in the coming decades. Mind Set! goes beyond Naisbitt’s far-sighted and accurate observations of our fast-changing work and discloses the secret of forecasting. John Naisbitt gives away the keys to the kingdom, opening the door to the insights that let him understand today's world and see the opportunities of tomorrow. He selects his most effective tools, 11 Mindsets, and applies them by guiding the reader through the five forces that will dominate the next decades of the twenty-first century. Illustrated by stories about Galileo and Einstein to today's icons and rebels in business, science, and sports, Mind Set! opens your eyes to see beyond media headlines, political slogans, and personal opinions to select and judge what will form the pictures of the future.

Entrepreneurs Lost in Europe’s Identity Crisis

Europe is on the path to either an economic powerhouse or an historic theme park for well-off Americans and Asians.

Understanding China’s New Role in the World

China is breaking up. Why this is good news for the global economy.

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