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Marketing and Customer Strategy Expert

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Marketing and Customer Strategy Expert

Elliott Ettenberg is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Ettenberg & Company Ltd,. A Strategic Think-Tank operating from Glen Sutton, Quebec. The company advises large consumer-based corporations on how to maximize shareholder value by developing sustainable competitive advantage with their Best Customers.

Marketing Expert

Before founding E&C, Elliott was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Customer Strategies Worldwide, NY. CSW was a Marketing Consultancy specializing in Best Customer strategy. Before forming CSW, Elliott was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Bozell Retail Worldwide, NY where he managed the development of retail and other high transactional client businesses on a global basis. Prior to Bozell, for 18 years Elliott was their Chairman and Chief Executive officer of Prism Communications, Ltd., a leading advertising and marketing communications company with offices in Atlanta, Toronto and Quebec. He sold the company to Bozell Worldwide in 1996.


Over his career, Elliott has worked on some of North America’s best known consumer brands. These include A&P, Hitachi, Revlon, Lucent, Modell’s, Courvoisier, Clairol, Gillette, The WIZ, and Sears.


Seach ‘elliott ettenberg’ at google.com and you will find his comments and options have appeared in numerous business publications including Fortune, Business Week, The Economist, Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times.

Keynote Speaker

Elliott has keynoted regularly in North America, Europe, and Asia on upcoming consumer trends and their impact upon business strategy. He has appeared on CNN, CNBC, CBC, CTV and a number of radio shows in the US and Canada as a consumer expert. He is the author of The Next Economy published by McGraw Hill, NY where he explores the impact of retreating baby-boomer generation on North American business.


Elliott has a Masters of Business Administration of Concordia University in Montreal. He spends his time equally between Sarasota FL and Canada. Home is on the US/Canadian border, just north of Vermont.

The Next Economy

This presentation is a practical guide to building customer commitment, loyalty and profits in the new, restructured North American Marketplace. Tracing the economic impact of the Baby Boomers from the late 1960's to 2000, the speech defines how this generation has forced business to adapt their business models to huge shifts in customer demands. When these Boomers retire in the next 10 years, they will once again radically alter business priorities as they withdraw from the marketplace, dramatically cutting back on spending. And, since consumer spending accounts for 2/3 of Gross Domestic Product, the impact of this restructuring will be more severe and of a longer duration than most businesses expect. The Next Economy Presentation traces the convergence of major socio-economic trends which are unstoppable and which together, will result in the largest power shift ever experienced in western economies. This business Armageddon is the result of a radical decrease in future demand, technology’s ability to arm customers with full vendor disclosure, the growing impotence of marketing and inability of the bureaucratic and political structure of most consumer goods enterprises to respond to growing customer demands. The result will be a total restructuring of the economy from supply side to demand side dominance. A shake-out, particularly of large corporations who are unable to react significantly to the emergence of the coming Service Economy, called The Next Economy.

Small is Beautiful

This presentation deals with the reversal of economies of scale as a competitive advantage. It discuses how in the coming decades, the Service Economy will strongly advantage those corporations which can get close to their Best Customers. In the Battle for sales, size doesn't matter. Small is beautiful. And profitable. Mr. Ettenberg reviews the hidden impact of Small business in the present economy and explains the reasoning behind this segments' expected boom. He goes on to provide a blueprint on how large corporations and adjust organizational structure to des facto turn themselves into a holding company of smaller businesses.

How to Double the Impact of Your Marketing Budget

This presentation appeals to corporations with large advertising and Marketing expenses and who are under some considerable pressure to reduce these costs. The presentation argues that Marketers must convert to effectiveness and abandon efficiency as the rational for Marketing expenditures. It goes on to explain why most marketing tactics employed today are impotent at affecting Customer behavior, resulting in a continuous loss of budget productivity. Instead, Mr Ettenberg proposes a set of new rules on how to spend Marketing dollars more effectively. He provides a blueprint on how to double the impact of any Consumer Marketing Budget thus giving Corporations the ability to use these funds more effectively.

The Entrepreneur's Bible: Lessons Learned Building the American Dream

This is a true rags to riches story of the lessons learned by the CEO of a small Advertising Agency as it successfully battles the Big Boys. It defines the major hurtles and the most successful solutions in what is surely the most competitive market in America. It will appeal most strongly to entrepreneurs, most executives and all Salespeople competing in todays business arena.

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The Next Economy: Will You Know Where Your Customers Are?
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The Next Economy: Will You Know Where Your Customers Are?
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