PANDEMIC, INC. – New Book From Patrick Schwerdtfeger!

Business futurist and keynote speaker, Patrick Schwerdtfeger, specializes in technology trends including artificial intelligence and blockchain. His latest book, Pandemic, Inc.: 8 Trends Driving Business Growth and Success in the New Economy, offers a strategic roadmap for businesses navigating the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine. The book details eight accelerating trends that form a convenient acronym: S A L V A G E D

S: Self-sufficiency
A: Analytics
L: Liquidity
V: Virtualization
A: Automation
G: Government
E: Exponential Thinking
D: Decentralization

Change creates opportunity. Seize this moment! We have never needed business leadership more than we do today. This books shows you how to survive, rebuild, and thrive in the post-COVID-19 economy. Available both live and virtual, book a cutting edge futurist like Patrick Schwerdtfeger at today!

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