“Miracle On Ice” Hockey Team Captain Mike Eruzione Reflects on 35 Years Since Win Over Soviet Union

In Lake Placid, NY, members of the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team held a long awaited reunion and reminisced about their epic win 35 years ago that lead the U.S. team to Olympic gold. Team Captain Mike Eruzione assumed his lead role in a press conference with more questions from fans than media, drawing laughs with stories he’s told hundreds of times in appearances and speeches across the country since the “Miracle on Ice” victory when the U.S. Olympic hockey team beat the Soviet Union 4-3 on Feb. 22, 1980.
Also in attendance was another favorite, Jim Craig who was selected as the starting goaltender for the U.S. 1980 Olympic hockey team. At the Lake Placid games, Craig’s performance was phenomenal,  what some have even called “miraculous.” In the game against the Soviets, the Americans were outshot 42-16, but Jim made 39 spectacular saves, which helped the U.S. team seal their victory.
The team also gathered on the snowy day to pay tribute to Bob Suter, the first member of that team to pass away. Suter, a Wisconsin defenseman, died of a heart attack at age 57 in September 2014.

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