KEYNOTE SPEAKER ON FINANCIAL EFFECTS OF CORONAVIRUS – Former Trump Administration Financial Advisor Andrew Busch

In his latest article, Corona Virus Pandemic Panic, former Trump Administration financial advisor and global financial markets expert, Andrew Busch, provides a level-headed analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on the global financial markets in the coming months. Andrew appeals to us to be rational and focus on the facts.  With disease outbreak, it’s important to remember that it’s never the disease that does the most harm from an economic perspective.  Yes, the deaths and sickness are the immediate concern.  But, it’s the public’s reaction to the disease that worsens the outbreak and harms the economy the most with jobs and lives at stake.  In his keynotes, Andrew Busch encourages us do our best to focus on the facts, take appropriate steps and have realistic expectations of what this disease can do. As we move forward the next couple months, it’s important for organizations to recognize both the panic and the reality and quickly adjust to lighten the impact that Coronavirus is already having on industries and markets worldwide. Book experts on the corona virus impact, like global economy keynote speaker Andrew Busch at today!

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