NBA legend, author, film maker and activist, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar spoke at East Tennessee State last week to standing room only crowds as part of their annual Civility Week activities. The theme was “Dialogue Across Division.” Kareem’s almost two hour event, included topics like racism, peer pressure in youth and political activism. The NBA’s all time leading scorer and six time NBA champion finished the evening answering pre-submitted questions by the public. Book an inspiring keynote speaker like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar at Speakers.com!

“Developing skills and a work ethic that enable you to do what you want to do. Just take basketball as a metaphor for life. Take that attitude and approach into our life and have a good life.” –Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

“Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was a wonderful choice for our universities annual series on civility. Students, staff and faculty were able to submit questions covering topics such as race, religion, politics, education, freedom of speech, journalism, and of course sports, which he eloquently addressed. The audience was mesmerized by his insight, wisdom, humor, thoughtfulness and genuine humility.”

Carter E. Warden
Assistant Director of Student Activities – S.O.R.C.
East Tennessee State University

* Photo provided courtesy of Iconomy, LLC

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