In Memory of Jack Trout

In this profession, we encounter many well-known people, influencers, and celebrities on a regular basis.  Some have left a lasting impact… Jack Trout was one of those! Last week we sadly lost Jack Trout, one of the great business, marketing leaders and “Gurus” of our time and pioneer of the concept of “positioning” and “marketing warfare.” He co-authored many of the most influential marketing books ever, Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind, Marketing Warfare, The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing & Differentiate or Die, and we booked Jack into many speaking engagements around the world. Jack Trout was not just a client but a friend to and when we first started this bureau, as the first website for professional public speakers, Jack offered his sage advice to us, “ Never let anyone forget you were the FIRST….You will always hold the position of being FIRST!”  We value and follow his marketing advise to this day.  Thank you, Jack! Rest in Peace! ….. from “, the world’s very first website for professional public speakers and one of the premier full service Speakers Bureaus in the world.”

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