Global Futurists & “China Megatrends” authors John and Doris Naisbitt introduce new book, “Global Game Change: How The Global Southern Belt is Reshaping Our World”

After five books on China, legendary trend forecasters John and Doris Naisbitt have returned to global matters. Published in China in January 2015, their newest book Global Game Change: How The Global Southern Belt is Reshaping Our World offers an indispensible roadmap of the transforming global landscape. It replaces the uncertainty of rapid change with a vision of the future that enables entrepreneurs, corporations and governments to reposition under new global conditions.  In the 2000s, John and Doris started searching for patterns that formed the picture of the new China.  What they found was of much greater dimension and importance than just the country’s economic rise — China is creating an entirely new social and economic system whose impact will be felt globally for decades to come.
Global Game Change hit number one in China’s bestseller lists and will travel from the East to the West, so look for it on American bookshelves in spring 2015.

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