Global Business leader John Kotter releases newest book, Accelerate: Building Strategic Agility for a Faster-Moving World

John Kotter has released his next revolutionary book, Accelerate: Building Strategic Agility for a Faster-Moving World. Accelerate is about how to build strategic agility in our faster-moving world incorporates his 30 years of research and his experience putting these ideas into practice inside large-scale, global organizations. Based on his award-winning article in Harvard Business Review, Dr. John Kotter’s groundbreaking new book provides a powerful new framework for competing and winning in a world of constant turbulence and disruption. If you’re a leader who knows that bold change is necessary to survive and thrive in an ever-changing world, this book will help you accelerate into a better, more profitable future.
Internationally known and widely regarded as the foremost speaker on the topics of Leadership and Change, John Kotter is the premier voice on how the best organizations actually achieve successful transformations.

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