Emmy Award Winning Journalist Deborah Norville Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Inside Edition

A lot can happen in twenty years, and it seems Deborah Norville has done it all.  In celebration of her twenty years at Inside Edition, Deborah reflects on some of her most memorable moments as anchor – including pulling 10 G’s on an F-16 fighter jet, riding on a nuclear submarine, playing with penguins, and meeting and interviewing countless icons including George Clooney, Hillary Clinton,  Michelle Obama, and Howard Stern.  And who can forget when she anchored from the hospital just nine hours after her daughter was born? Or when she reported on “the darkest day of U.S. history” – September 11, 2001 at the Pentagon?  Her experiences even brought her to international destinations like Vatican City for the funeral of Pope John Paul II in 2005 and London for the wedding of Kate Middleton to Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, in 2011.
Norville, who in the early 90s co-anchored NBC’s “Today” show, assumed the hosting position on Inside Edition in 1995 when she succeeded Bill O’Reilly in the anchor chair.  To her years of experience, Norville said, “You just keep trying and after all of this I can’t wait to try what’s next.” We congratulate her on her twenty years of success and wish her many more to follow.

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