DOES THE 2020 ELECTION MATTER? Keynote Speaker and Moderator Bakari Sellers

The 2020 election season is upon us, and America remains polarized along very defined political lines, according to well-regarded CNN political analyst and keynote speaker Bakari Sellers. 

The right is attempting to maintain their hold on the executive branch but the president seems increasingly beleaguered by scandal. 

The left is flexing its newfound muscle in The House while they struggle to chart a clear path forward for the wounded democratic party.

In the midst of uncertainty, Bakari feels that we face some of the greatest societal perils of our time…

As we stand at the precipice of the future, many of America’s young minds are unsure which way is up. Bring CNN commentator, lawyer and social activist Bakari Sellers to your next event to moderate or keynote a discussion on the issues facing our democracy. 

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