DISRUPTION OFF – New Book From Terrell Jones

Travelocity founder, CIO of the multi-billion-dollar SABRE company, founding chairman of Kayak.com, and VP of American Airlines, Terry Jones has battled the frontlines of business disruption. And now he’s here to share his hard-won wisdom and insider tips to give you an edge in an increasingly volatile market.In today’s aggressive, hyper-connected economy, a growing number of startups are transforming the way we do business. His new book, Disruption OFF: The Technological Disruption Coming For Your Company and What To Do About It, is your all-in-one playbook for understanding the latest technological breakthroughs and industry innovations shaping your future. Drawing from a wealth of expert knowledge and his own in-depth experience, Jones provides you with the tools and techniques you need to enter a new age of prosperity.In Disruption OFF you’ll discover:- A thorough examination of the ten technologies and five industry models that will revolutionize tomorrow’s world- Easy to understand strategies for making quicker and better decisions so you stay competitive- Where and when you should take risks to optimize your company’s profit potential- How to build an effective, proactive team prepared for anything the market throws at them- Personal anecdotes, quotes from experts, chapter review questions, and much, much more!Disruption OFF is your no-nonsense guide for thriving in an ever-changing business landscape. If you like real-world applications, bite-sized advice, and simple strategies, then you’ll love Terry Jones’ essential resource. Book a cutting-edge innovation expert like Terrell Jones at Speakers.com today!

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