CHRIS BASHINELLI – New National Geographic Documentary!

Former Sopranos actor and cross-cultural expert, Chris Bashinelli has a new show on the National Geographic Channel. In Homestay China, Bash travels to some of their most remote villages to uncover how families have lifted themselves out of poverty. In this TV series, you’ll see him trekking for giant pandas in the bamboo forest, traversing the famous Yellow River, and learning how the village of Niujaoshan rebuilt after a devastating fire. The stories and lessons are applicable to any business looking to overcome adversity and even use it to their advantage. Coupled with stunning video footage and thought-provoking exercises, Bashinelli’s keynotes bring attendees on an inspirational journey. A unique speaker, his goal is to equip you with the practical tools we need to increase productivity, connect with others and contribute to humanity. Book an inspirational speaker like Chris Bashinelli at today! Click the link to see the BRAND NEW TV SERIES TRAILER!

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