Award-Winning Broadcast Journalist Joan Lunden proudly graces the cover of People magazine, sans wig to promote breast cancer awareness and “to help others”

Award-winning broadcast journalist and former host of ABC’s Good Morning America, Joan Lunden appears on the cover of the most recent issue of People magazine, proudly showing her bald head after learning she had triple negative breast cancer in June. Joan has since undergone surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  In a recent interview with Good Morning America’s host Robin Roberts, Lunden shared the reason why she shed her wig for the cover after learning of her diagnosis this past June.  Lunden didn’t want to wait until her hair started to fall out, so she shaved her head a week before her first treatment.  “I had to make this big decision about whether or not to do the cover with no hair,” Lunden said. “It certainly isn’t the comfortable way to go, but I decided I was going to try and help others and show women that this isn’t the end of the world. You can go on – and that was hugely empowering.”  Lunden, who said she has gone “into warrior mode” to fight the disease, has already become an activist for prevention.

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and has gone pink!

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