AMY MYERS JAFFE – Keynote Speaker on the Geopolitics of Energy and the Saudi Crisis

Amy Myers Jaffe is a member of the World Economic Forum and Council on Foreign Relations, a leading expert on the geopolitics of energy security, and a timely keynote speaker for business and investment events. Her commentary has been featured prominently on major TV and in news publications on the current Saudi crisis and its impact on the markets.

Leading Expert on Oil, Energy, and Sustainability

Amy was recently on FOX NEWS saying that the oil market is under-evaluating the problem with Saudi Arabia. Her commentary begins at the 40 seconds mark in the video linked below.  

In her recent article in Politico, Can The Oil Threat Spare Saudi Arabia from America’s Wrath? Amy explains that threatening a price hike might work in the short term, but it would come with serious costs to the kingdom’s reputation as a moderating influence on oil markets.

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